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    Remote Tests

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

      The current test suite was able to run remote tests only by using an external JBoss instance, and only if JBoss Messaging was deployed in advance under that instance.

      I changed that so now the test suite is able to run remote tests independently of the presence of any JBoss instance. It does that by starting the ServiceContainer in a separate VM. The ServiceContainer is managed via a lightweight RMI server.

      The target "tests" depends on two new targets "invm-tests" and "remote-tests". "invm-tests" sets the "remote" system property to "false" and runs everything as before. "remote-tests" sets "remote" to "true" and only runs org.jboss.messaging.jms tests (it could run everything, but it will just repeat the other tests, as they ignore the "remote" system property, which doesn't make too much sense). The "remote-tests" starts the external RMI server before running the tests and stops it once it is done.

      To run all tests with both configurations and get a test report:

      cd tests
      ./build.sh report

      To run a single remote test without ant:

      cd tests/bin
      ./runtest -remote

      The runtest script starts and stops its own external RMI server.

      There is also a tests/bin/stop-rmi-server script that can be used to get rid of runaway RMI servers.