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    implementing a reliable queue over an RDBMS

    lanchon - Newbie


      i need to develop a simple, reliable and performant queue on top a SQL database. i imagine this has been done hundreds of times, but it's getting real hard for me to find info on the web, and i really tried.

      i have a couple ideas of my own but i would like to study what others have done in this regard, because none of the options i've come up with fully convinces me: either are too complex or depend on some particular RDBMS or some other uglyness.

      in particular i'm interested in the problem of maximizing the thoughput of simultaneous multiple readers under queue (as oposed to topic) semantics, where read transactions remain open for some time after the read.

      it'd be great if someone could point me to documents describing implementations of queues over databases, or otherwise provide relevant tips. i know it's a bit off-topic, but you guys seem like the best crowd there is to ask this question to, and i'm sure it could be of use to other visitors too.

      thanks a lot!

      PS. i know we shouldn't reinvent the wheel and all but trust me here, i can't use middleware, gotta do it myself :)