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    Pageable channels complete

    Tim Fox Master

      Pageable channels (formerly known as "lazy loading queues") is now complete.

      In the current implementation queues and subs can be configured to hold a max of x messages in memory at once, with configurable spillover caches and pages sizes to load messages from storage.

      It is likely to be extended in the near future with memory sensitivity features to allow intelligent automatic paging of messages and references to storage when memory is low.

      Although the idea is (for now) that if the parameters are tuned correctly for each queue according to the size of messages in that queue, memory exhaustion can be avoided in most cases (of course spikes must still occur).

      We also have some thoughts on intelligent self tuning according to real-time usage patterns.

      The idea here is that the server tunes the max size, page size and down cache size dynamically in real time according allowing the size to "self tune" to fit available memory, thus taking some of the burden off the administrator. (Although this is unlikely to be available for 1.0)