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    Has the team decided on whether to make MessagingXAResource


      I got (atlast!) the recovery of Messaging XAResource working with JBossTS using XAResourceRecovery module (resource initiated recovery). I haven't tried making the resource serializable and do the recovery though. I am in a process of doing this but would like to know where the team is heading towards.

      On the other hand, I am thinking, we shouldn't be doing this serialization inorder to adhere to JBossTS (my opinion). There are quite a few XAResource implementations that aren't serializable (Sybase XAResource, for example). I can't make them serializable but can only use the resource initiated recovery (by writing our own recovery module). so why can't we leave the Messaging XA resource as is and depend on the resource initiated recovery?

      Ofcourse, I don't know the disadvantages of using this type of recovery though :)