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    JBossMessaging 1.0.1.CR4 Released

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

      JBoss Messaging 1.0.1.CR4 has been released and it is available for download on jboss.org and sourceforge.

      This release incorporates a lot of community feedback, which is reflected in the number of bugs fixed. The complete list of fixes is available in the Release Notes.

      CR4 also introduces several notable message delivery improvements. Tim modified core's internals to include message batching (JBMESSAGING-328) and improved SEDA-like concurrency.

      While message batching highly improves throughput, it has the side effect of breaking backward compatibility with 1.0.1.CR3. This means that you need to upgrade both the server and the client-side library in order to use CR4. We took this decision based on community poll results. The poll confirmed that most users see backward compatibly as a "nice to have", but not critical feature at this stage. We'll be back to guaranteeing compatibility from 1.2 on. Until then, our compatibility tests will be disabled.

      Upgrading to Remoting 2.0.0.CR1 introduced some minor SSL configuration changes: what was previously SSL Connector's "KeyManagementAlgorithm" is now called "KeyStoreAlgorithm". The SSL example that comes with the release has been modified to reflect the change.

      Good news is that we finally migrated to a separated SVN repository (you will be prompted for a login, use your jboss.com username and password) and an independent build. This allows us to decouple our development from JBoss AS and integrate through the thirdparty repository. The most visible benefit is that head checkout and full build do not take hours anymore, and we're finally able to ship a complete source tree that can be actually used to generate binaries and run functional tests.

      The next step is to branch 1.0, so we can continue to offer bug fixes and stable 1.0 releases while the bulk of the development effort on the head will shift towards clustering. Expect a clustered Alpha release in September. Until then, we should have at least another candidate release on the 1.0 branch and hopefully the 1.0.1.GA.

      The JBoss Messaging project roadmap is available here.