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    Removed feature requests for JBossMQ

    Adrian Brock Master

      I've closed a lot of feature requests for JBossMQ
      which are unlikely to ever get done.

      I've attached he following message to the issues.

      Closing features that are (or will be) implemented in JBoss Messaging.
      If anybody wants to provide a patch that implements these,
      the issue can be reopened.
      Duplicates of these issues will be closed
      unless they provide an implementation/patch.
      Patches should first be discussed in the
      development forum:
      if there isn't already a forum link attached to this issue.

      The remaining open issues in the "JMS Service" are either
      application integation issues or real (but not very important) issues
      in JBossMQ (like making the testsuite more robust).

      I did leave two feature requests which should be trivial to implement:

      Exposing number of messages currently being processed,
      i.e. delivered to clients but not yet acknowledged:

      Browsing scheduled messages:

      I plan to get these two done for 4.0.5.GA assuming
      nothing important comes up.

      Once those are done, I won't be accepting new feature requests
      for JBossMQ unless they come with an intention to implement it,
      like this one: