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    Dependency between ClusteredPostOfficeService, ServerPeer an

    Clebert Suconic Master

      The recent changes on HA, especially adding the concept of Replicator, added a dependency of ClusteredPostOffice on ConnectionFactoryJNDIMapper.

      The ConnectionFActoryJNDIMapper is started by ServerPeer what causes a circular dependency between ServerPeer and ClusteredPostOffice.

      The right way to fix this would be having an injected dependency (it would be cool to have PojoContainer here). Right now I'm changing the code to make ConnectinFActoryJNDIMapper to get and register replicator lazyli... but that's not the right thing (just one thing to have it running now).

      The right change would be to have ClusterPostOffice injecting replicator on ConnectionFActoryJNDIMapper. If we don't go to PojoContainer soon we should think about doing that. If Tim Fox is cool about that I will make this change next week until we have MicroContainer integrated.