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    JBossMessaging not building

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I'm trying to build JBossMessaging@Trunk, and there is an inconsistency.

      /home/clebert/workspaces/tmp-trunk-test/build.xml:53: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      /home/clebert/workspaces/tmp-trunk-test/build-thirdparty.xml:110: A versioning problem exists:
      Component: apache-logging is at version: 1.0.5.GA-jboss
       but it is also required to be compatible with: [Compatible@e61fd1{id=null, version=1.0.3}, Compatible@331059{id=null, version=}, Compatible@766a24{id=null, version=1.0.4jboss}]
       by: apache-tomcat

      The error also shows up at cruisecontrol:


      This is easily fixable.. but it looks like someone is messing with dependencies on repository. It would be nice to discover the root cause and get another beer owned for breaking the build :-)