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    Full JMX functionality

    Tim Fox Master

      I have fleshed out the ServerPeer, Queue and Topic MBean interfaces so now we have complete equivalent JMX functionality to JBossMQ.

      I also sorted out the mess that was the Queue/Topic mbean interface

      There's basically a whole stack of new stuff in here:

      public interface ServerPeerMBean
       // JMX attributes
       int getServerPeerID();
       String getJMSVersion();
       int getJMSMajorVersion();
       int getJMSMinorVersion();
       String getJMSProviderName();
       String getProviderVersion();
       int getProviderMajorVersion();
       int getProviderMinorVersion();
       String getDefaultQueueJNDIContext();
       String getDefaultTopicJNDIContext();
       void setSecurityDomain(String securityDomain) throws Exception;
       String getSecurityDomain();
       void setDefaultSecurityConfig(Element conf) throws Exception;
       Element getDefaultSecurityConfig();
       ObjectName getPersistenceManager();
       void setPersistenceManager(ObjectName on);
       ObjectName getPostOffice();
       void setPostOffice(ObjectName on);
       ObjectName getJmsUserManager();
       void setJMSUserManager(ObjectName on);
       ObjectName getDefaultDLQ();
       void setDefaultDLQ(ObjectName on);
       ObjectName getDefaultExpiryQueue();
       void setDefaultExpiryQueue(ObjectName on);
       int getQueuedExecutorPoolSize();
       void setQueuedExecutorPoolSize(int poolSize);
       long getFailoverStartTimeout();
       void setFailoverStartTimeout(long timeout);
       long getFailoverCompleteTimeout();
       void setFailoverCompleteTimeout(long timeout);
       int getDefaultMaxDeliveryAttempts();
       void setDefaultMaxDeliveryAttempts(int attempts);
       long getQueueStatsSamplePeriod();
       void setQueueStatsSamplePeriod(long newPeriod);
       long getDefaultRedeliveryDelay();
       void setDefaultRedeliveryDelay(long delay);
       int getDefaultMessageCounterHistoryDayLimit();
       void setDefaultMessageCounterHistoryDayLimit(int limit);
       // JMX operations
       String createQueue(String name, String jndiName) throws Exception;
       String createQueue(String name, String jndiName, int fullSize, int pageSize, int downCacheSize) throws Exception;
       boolean destroyQueue(String name) throws Exception;
       String createTopic(String name, String jndiName) throws Exception;
       String createTopic(String name, String jndiName, int fullSize, int pageSize, int downCacheSize) throws Exception;
       boolean destroyTopic(String name) throws Exception;
       Set getDestinations() throws Exception;
       List getMessageCounters() throws Exception;
       List getMessageStatistics() throws Exception;
       String listMessageCountersAsHTML() throws Exception;
       void resetAllMessageCounters();
       void resetAllMessageCounterHistories();
       List retrievePreparedTransactions();
       String showPreparedTransactionsAsHTML();
      public interface DestinationMBean
       // JMX attributes
       String getName();
       String getJNDIName();
       void setJNDIName(String jndiName) throws Exception;
       ObjectName getServerPeer();
       void setServerPeer(ObjectName on);
       ObjectName getDLQ();
       void setDLQ(ObjectName on) throws Exception;
       ObjectName getExpiryQueue();
       void setExpiryQueue(ObjectName on) throws Exception;
       long getRedeliveryDelay();
       void setRedeliveryDelay(long delay);
       int getMaxSize();
       void setMaxSize(int maxSize) throws Exception;
       Element getSecurityConfig();
       void setSecurityConfig(Element securityConfig) throws Exception;
       int getFullSize();
       void setFullSize(int fullSize);
       int getPageSize();
       void setPageSize(int pageSize);
       int getDownCacheSize();
       void setDownCacheSize(int downCacheSize);
       boolean isClustered();
       void setClustered(boolean clustered);
       boolean isCreatedProgrammatically();
       int getMessageCounterHistoryDayLimit();
       void setMessageCounterHistoryDayLimit(int limit) throws Exception;
       // JMX operations
       void removeAllMessages() throws Exception;
      ublic interface QueueMBean
       // JMX attributes
       int getMessageCount() throws Exception;
       int getScheduledMessageCount() throws Exception;
       MessageCounter getMessageCounter();
       MessageStatistics getMessageStatistics() throws Exception;
       int getConsumerCount() throws Exception;
       // JMX operations
       void resetMessageCounter();
       void resetMessageCounterHistory();
       List listAllMessages() throws Exception;
       List listAllMessages(String selector) throws Exception;
       List listDurableMessages() throws Exception;
       List listDurableMessages(String selector) throws Exception;
       List listNonDurableMessages() throws Exception;
       List listNonDurableMessages(String selector) throws Exception;
       String getMessageCounterAsHTML();
       String getMessageCounterHistoryAsHTML();
      public interface TopicMBean
       //JMX attributes
       int getAllMessageCount() throws Exception;
       int getDurableMessageCount() throws Exception;
       int getNonDurableMessageCount() throws Exception;
       int getAllSubscriptionsCount() throws Exception;
       int getDurableSubscriptionsCount() throws Exception;
       int getNonDurableSubscriptionsCount() throws Exception;
       // JMX operations
       void removeAllMessages() throws Exception;
       List listAllSubscriptions() throws Exception;
       List listDurableSubscriptions() throws Exception;
       List listNonDurableSubscriptions() throws Exception;
       String listAllSubscriptionsAsHTML() throws Exception;
       String listDurableSubscriptionsAsHTML() throws Exception;
       String listNonDurableSubscriptionsAsHTML() throws Exception;
       List listAllMessages(String subscriptionId) throws Exception;
       List listAllMessages(String subscriptionId, String selector) throws Exception;
       List listDurableMessages(String subscriptionId) throws Exception;
       List listDurableMessages(String subscriptionId, String selector) throws Exception;
       List listNonDurableMessages(String subscriptionId) throws Exception;
       List listNonDurableMessages(String subscriptionId, String selector) throws Exception;
       List getMessageCounters() throws Exception;

        • 1. Re: Full JMX functionality
          Elias Ross Master

          What are the types for the List objects? If JBM requires JDK 1.5 it would be good to include them in the interface file.

          • 2. Re: Full JMX functionality
            Tim Fox Master

            For listing subscriptions it returns a list of SubscriptionInfo objects, which are basically value objects holding subscription related data.

            For listing messages, it currently just returns the actual message objects. I was thinking whether to create value objects for the messages too, but I'm not sure.

            Currently the caller will have to include the JBM jar on the caller side - not sure how putting in the interface file would help - can you elucidate?