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    JBMESSAGING-759 - Mixing HTTP and Socket in ConnectionFactor

    Clebert Suconic Master

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      I am deploying two connectionFactories for a test I'm writing.

      One for HTTP, one for Socket.

      For doing that I'm creating a new test configuration (all+http) and I'm refactoring our test framework a little bit. Datasources were being deployed on LocalTestServer, because you need the serverPeer deployed before starting a datasource.

      So.. I created a new method startDataSources on ServiceContainer that the LocalServer can use after the ServerPeer is started.

      And BTW: As part of this I'm also fixing a ClassCastException while using HTTP for ConnectionFactoryUpdate:


      I didn't commit anything as part of this yet.. I want to run the testcases first to make sure to test framework didn't break anything.