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    org.objectweb.jtests configuration logic is poor

    Scott Stark Master

      I'm looking at why the jbm tests are not running in trunk
      The way the org.objectweb.jtests.* tests look for a provider.properties resource does not work in trunk due to there being multiple sources of this resource. One is in the joram-tests.jar (this is what is found and its useless), one is in testsuite/source/resources/jbossmessaging.

      There are also multiple places that try to load this file, one is org.jboss.test.jbossmessaging.JMSTestCase, another is org.objectweb.jtests.jms.admin.AdminFactory from the joram-tests.jar. In order for these tests to run as currently coded, the testsuite/source/resources/jbossmessaging would need to be on the test classpath.

      Instead of using a static provider.properties resource name, it would be better to accept a dynamic resource name like "jbossmessaging/provider.properties". This would allow the test specific classes to override the location without needing additional classpath hacking, and it would allow one to run the tests from within eclipse using the current testsuite/resources classpath element.