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    Patching app server versus scoping messaging

    Tim Fox Master

      As already mentioned in other threads, JBM needs to be deployed scoped in JBoss AS 4.x.

      This proves to be a big headache for many of our users and is providing a big barrier to adoption IMHO.

      A different approach would be to patch the AS during the JBM installation procedure.

      I.e. we could overwrite the JBoss Remoting and JBoss AOP jars in server/lib with the later ones that we know to work.

      This would prevent us having to scope messaging.

      I exchanged some emails with Bill offline about this, and this is apparently what EJB3 does for 4.0.3.SP1 (see http://docs.jboss.org/ejb3/app-server/tutorial/installing.html), so I guess there is nothing in principle wrong with this approach.

      For AS 4.2.1 and later we would make sure we align dependencies properly so no scoping or patching would be necessary.