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    Merged 1_0_1_SP branch

    Tim Fox Master

      After releasing 1.0.1.SP5 I have merged the 1_0_1_SP branch into branch 1_0.

      The 1.0 branch is basically now retired and I don't intend to make any new releases from it.

      There is a possibility we might be forced into making a patch release on it, for a support customer but I want to avoid this.

      From now on, all work will be on the 1.2 branch.

      Our next goal is to get 1.2.0.SP2 out (I am thinking of renaming it to 1.2.1, and renaming 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 since it's not really a SP - it comes off trunk).

      1.2.0.SP2 will be a critical release since it basically handles all our current major outstanding user issues, in particular it will remove scoping, and remove the fat client.

      Considering JBAS 4.2.0 comes out very soon and we will be 100% dependency aligned with it, my current intention is to only support use of 1.2.0.SP2 and later on JBAS 4.2.0 and later.

      If it runs on 4.0.x then that's a bonus, bet it's "best effort", we won't smoke test on that configuration - this will simplify our release procedure a lot.