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    Count Messages with Selector and Edit Message

    Hendra Sasmita Newbie

      Hi guys,

      At this moment, I may need some features like count messages with selector and Edit message in the queue.

      Count Message With Selector will return the number of message in the destination that match with the selector. In short, it is like "List All Message" with selector, but the method will only return a integer value.

      The feature can be obtained by using "List All Message" and count the number later in the client. But imagined if the number of the messages is more than one thousand and each message has big content. I think this will give problem for the network.

      The second feature that I need to add in JBM is Message Editor. So for example an Operator want to change the all property value from all messages in a queue that has value X.

      This behaviour is useful when the message's property is used for routing. Sometime, the operator wants to change the property value due to changing in the routing rule.

      Currently it is not possible to do that. You need to take all messages with value X, change the property value from X to Y, and return the message to the queue.

      What do you think about these features?
      If you agree, I would like to put those features as additional features for JBM. That's way, I don't need to change again, whenever JBoss come with new release.

      And if the feature is officially supported by the team, I am sure it is much better than if I do it alone ;)