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    1.4.1 release for jbossas 5.0.0.Beta4

    Scott Stark Master

      I need a release of the Branch_Stable code for jbossas 5.0.0.Beta4 early next week. The only outstanding issue requested by Tim was Upgrade to JGroups 2.5:

      jbossas is using 2.6.1.GA, so that is what would need to be tested. This does not appear to require api/config changes in jbm, so its not clear it needs to be done for jbossas 5.0.0.Beta4. If that's true I would like to postpone that issue as I don't know who has time to do this testing.

      My focus is on validating that the jbm aspects, management and security store can be override by the jbossas/messaging integration code. I should be done with that this week.