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    Failed to connect to server localhost:1099 and class files m

    Sudhakar Pandey Newbie


      We are trying to upgrade our Jboss messaging service from 1.0.1 to 1.4. We are using JBoss 4.2.2 GA and JDK 1.5.

      I am getting below mentioned exception. I can start the "messaging" application successfully with my queues and topics. But, while running my mdbs along with messaging, I am getting the exception.

      javax.naming.CommunicationException: Could not obtain connection to any of these urls: localhost:1099 and discovery failed with error: javax.naming.CommunicationException: Failed to retrieve stub from server [Root exception is java.io.StreamCorruptedException: unexpected block data] [Root exception is javax.naming.CommunicationException: Failed to connect to server localhost:1099 [Root exception is javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException: Failed to connect to server localhost:1099 [Root exception is java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect]]]

      From net I got suggestion to replace old (1.1) jboss-messaging-client.jar with new one(1.4). I simply replaced the file without building the code with new jar and problem still persisted. Then I tried compiling my code with new jar but got following compilation time symbol not found error for following classes: javax.ejb.MessageDrivenBean, javax.ejb.MessageDrivenContext, etc. I check and found that these classes are present in old jar but not in the new one. Any idea how is it possible.