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    Regression on Queue tests

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      After r4296[1], we had a lot of regression on the Queue tests[2].

      The failing tests were due to a NPE in SimpleString.sizeofString(SimpleString) when encoding a Message with a null Destination.
      I fixed the tests by checking if the string was null before computing its size but I'm not sure if it is right in the first place to get a Message with a null Destination.
      If that's the case, MessageImpl.encode() should also be guarded against null destination when putting it in the buffer.

      I still have 2 failing tests in QueueTest: testChangeConsumersAndDeliver & QueueTest.testMaxSize[3]

      [1] http://fisheye.jboss.org/changelog/Messaging/?cs=4296
      [2] http://hudson.qa.jboss.com/hudson/view/JBM%202/job/JBM2-all-tests/367/
      [3] http://hudson.qa.jboss.com/hudson/view/JBM%202/job/JBM2-all-tests/370/