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    Coverage on tests

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I have compiled a list for missing tests or missing coverage:


      I have used a WIKI, so we can all update it as we go, and I haven't linked it anywhere as the page should disappear when we complete writing the tests.

      For this I have used a mix of manual steps (Find reference of classes, and look for specific methods), looking at the list of methods and things done / comparing to the implementation.

      And also.. I've executed only the isolated test to find what is the covered by specific tests. Example:

      ant clean; ant -Dtest-mask=PostOfficeTest emma

      or if you want to run it faster

      rm build/emma/coverage.emma; ant -Dtest-mask=PostOfficeTest emma

      With that you can see exactly what methods are not being tested by PostOfficeTest. Just look for the class on the report.

      Emma was not in the center of what I did, but it was a good help.

      Also I will redo/refine the search next week after we have written more tests, making sure we are not missing anything.