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    JBM 2 ManagementRequirements

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      this post is to sum up the IRC conversation about management requirements for JBM 2[1]

      JBM 2 must be manageable:
      - programmatically from the same VM using only a reference to MessagingServer
      - remotely

      In the remote case, we provide 2 different management API:
      - Using JMX, the user can manage JBM from a JMX console (such as jconsole). To do so, he must have enable management in JBM configuration
      - Using "management" messages on the Core API. He does not need to have enable JMX management in JBM configuration

      In short, JBM 2 must be:
      * always manageable programmatically and remotely using "management" messages
      * is manageable remotely with JMX if and only if JMX management is enabled in JBM configuration

      if JMX management is disabled in JBM configuration, no MBeanServer will be used. Managed resources will be looked up by our own management registry (e.g. a map with ObjectNames as key and MBean implementation as values)

      [1] http://www.antwerkz.com/javabot/javabot/home/3/%23jbossmessaging/2/08/1/08/0/2008/;jsessionid=827A82073774CD2E142D5ADB4B7F94BA