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    Adding a *core* queue to JBM 2 configuration

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      For the management tasks, I wanted to add a core queue (e.g. admin.adminQueue) to the queues configured in scr/config.queues.xml to have it available on the server by default.

      However, sending messages to this queue did not work.
      When the message is routed by the post office, it first looks if the message's destination is in the post office destinations (configured in jbm-configuration by require-destinations, true by default).
      since the destination is not there, the message is not routed.
      When I flag "require-destinations" as false, it still did not work because no binding was created for this queue.

      How does it work for all the queues already defined in queues.xml?
      The proper setup (adding the destination, creating the binding, registering the queues) is done when deploying the JMS Objects defined in jbm-jndi.xml.

      Either I've missed an obvious configuration setting or we are not able to properly add a *core* queue to JBM 2 configuration without also making it available for JMS.

      any ideas