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    JBM remoting configuration

    Tim Fox Master

      As discussed I would like to make changes to our remoting layer, to generalise the way our transports are configured and to allow a non fixed of transport types.

      Currently all our transports are configured via hard coded properties in the Configuration and ConnectionParams classes, which all transports use to get their config.

      Instead I propose each acceptor config on the server side can be configured with a typed map of properties that can be used by the specific transport.

      On the client side, the ClientSessionFactory will take a String transport identifier, and an optional map of properties.

      The mapping between String identifier and ConnectorFactory is specified in jbm-connector-factories.properties, which can be overridden on the classpath.

      This means we can get rid of TransportType enum, since the mapping between name and factory is no longer hardcoded - this makes things more flexible.

      We can also get rid of Location and ConnectionParams - and remove several attributes from configuration.

      Any comments?