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    Some comments on new scheduled delivery work

    Tim Fox Master

      A few comments:

      a) Can you tell your formatter to add a space between if statements and the opening brace?


      if (x == 3)


      if(x == 3)

      b) Main issue. Scheduled delivery time is being stored in the journal at the message level. However, it should be an attribute of the message reference, not the message. (See my earlier post)

      I.e. two different references for the same message can have different scheduled delivery times. This is the same as it works in JBM 1.4.

      We need to do it this way since different subscriptions for the same topic can roll back independently with a delayed redelivery.

      The current journal loading and storing code assumes the attribute is for the message.

      c) Can you point me to the core tests for this functionality?