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    JBM 1.4.2 release

    Tim Fox Master

      Once we have got the JBoss 5 1.4.1 release out, I would like us to get the long awaited 1.4.2 release out.

      This should be very straightforward - just a matter of running tests, changing version numbers, documentation, readme and tagging.

      Since Howard is now coming up to speed fast with JBM 1.4, I would like him to soon take responsibility for JBM 1.4 releases and be the main contact man for JBoss 1.4 in JBoss AS integration.

      This will free Clebert up to do other stuff. I suggest for the 1.4.2 - Clebert can you take Howard through the release process so he knows what to do next time? I suggest writing/updating the old release checklist page to reflect the new release process. This makes it easier for anyone to follow in the future.