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    Clebert Suconic Master

      This comment was added into PagingManagerImpl:

       //FIXME - this is not thread safe
       public PagingStore getPageStore(final SimpleString storeName) throws Exception
       PagingStore store = stores.get(storeName);
       if (store == null)
       store = newStore(storeName);
       PagingStore oldStore = stores.putIfAbsent(storeName, store);
       if (oldStore != null)
       store = oldStore;
       return store;

      stores is a ConcurrentHashMap, and the method is using putIfAbsent, getting the currentStore case it was already set.

      I don't think we need a synchronization here, since this method is used every time page is called. The idea was to use the ConcurrentHashmap to avoid the synchronized block.