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    Redundant cluster configuration property

    Justin Bertram Master

      I recently discovered that the default value for the "Clustered" attribute of the jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice MBean in all the <JBOSS_HOME>/docs/examples/jms/*-persistence-service.xml files changed from "true" to "false" from JBM 1.4.0.SP3_CP03 to 1.4.0.SP3.CP04 (https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBMESSAGING-1422).

      This got me thinking about why there is a "Clustered" attribute for the post-office at all. Would it not be better to programmatically activate post-office clustering based on the presence of a clustered destination in destinations-service.xml? What does a clustered post-office buy you if no destinations are clustered? Also, what happens with a clustered destination if the post-office isn't clustered? These last two questions would be moot if post-office clustering were enabled programmatically.