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    refactor tests using INVM acceptors/connectors

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      We have a lot of tests which uses the INVM acceptors.
      All these tests shares the same INVMRegistry singleton.

      If a test fails and does not clean up its acceptor(s), all the subsequent tests which try to register an INVM acceptor with the same ID will fail.
      1 failing test will result in hundred of failing tests making it very difficult to see regression, esp. since we have a few intermittent failing tests using INVM acceptors.

      I propose that we refactor every tests using INVM acceptor so that:
      * in the setUp, we clean up the INVM registry (we don't care what happened before)
      * in the tearDown, we check that the INVM registry size is set to 0

      I'll add a InVMTestCase and use it to extend every tests using INVM acceptor.