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    XA-related failures in JMS bridge reconnection tests

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      I've ported the JMS Bridge tests to our integration tests (using 2 invm servers instead of spawned ones).

      Most tests pass but there are failures related to XA (QoS once-and-only-once + separate servers for the source and target queues).

      I've not touched that much the bridge code or the bridge tests so it's likely a regression we have on the trunk wrt XA.

      I'm still investigating the issue but a commented instruction caught my attention in BridgeImpl.setupJMSObjects():

       if (forwardMode == FORWARD_MODE_XA && sourceSession instanceof JBossSession)
       JBossSession jsession = (JBossSession)sourceSession;
       ClientSession clientSession = jsession.getCoreSession();

      this setTreatAsNonTransactedWhenNotEnlisted flag is no longer present in JBM trunk but I wonder if it rings any bell for people who worked on JBM 1.4 (it seems mostly related to JBMESSAGING-946)?