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    Clebert Suconic Master

      The following test is failing:

      Shouldn't session1.isSameRM(session2) return true, since they refer to the same server?

       public void testIsSameRM() throws Exception
       ClientSession session1 = factory.createSession(true, false, false);
       ClientSession session2 = factory.createSession(true, false, false);

      By consequence of that, the following JMS test that I wrote is also failing:

      public void testIsSamRM() throws Exception
       XAConnection conn = null;
       conn = xacf.createXAConnection();
       //Create a session
       XASession sess1 = conn.createXASession();
       XAResource res1 = sess1.getXAResource();
       //Create a session
       XASession sess2 = conn.createXASession();
       XAResource res2 = sess2.getXAResource();

      So, isSameRM is basically aways returning false, unless you compare res1 against itself..

      BTW: (This failing test was actually the reason I was having a hard time understanding why JOIN was not being called).