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    Outstanding JIRAs for next release of JBM 1.4 (1.4.0.SP3-CP0

    Yong Hao Gao Master

      JBMESSAGING-1416 Provide complete message ordering
      Features pretty much done on branch if no more requests/feedback. Only need to merge to Branch_1_4.

      JBMESSAGING-1131 Add configuration for Remoting servlet transport
      Already done but taken back as it depends on JBoss Remoting 2.2.2.SP12 (will be released and go into next EAP). Need to put it back when SP12 is out.

      JBMESSAGING-1517 Malformed HTTP POST from Post Office management page in JMX Console
      This is not an JBM issue actually. It depends on https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-6627.

      JBMESSAGING-1480 Specify Lock datarow on Sybase create tables
      Not fixed yet. It should be some configuration changes. Will fix it into next release.

      JBMESSAGING-1561 ConnectionFactoryCallbackHandler$CallbackConnectionListener should call disconnectTimeout(0) in connection failure handling
      Not fixed yet. Should be a very simple change. Will fix it into next release.

      JBMESSAGING-1491 add support for Ingres RDBMS to JBoss Messaging
      Not implemented yet. Need some effort to get it done. As it is not high priority, we can postpone it after the next release.