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    User focused examples on docs?

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I don't know.. maybe what I'm writing here could be a complete bull shit, but I've just got the impression it would be better if we used some Exemplified domain in our examples.

      Like, in the hibernate docs (which we talked today as they have a great doc).. they used a very simple user known language.. such as Person, Animal... etc: Instead of Pojo, OneToManyRelationedPojo, XRefPojo..., TableA, TableB, PojoA, PojoB and etc.


      I was thinking more like, instead of calling Topic, Topic1... Topic2... subscriber-1, QueueA, MessageProducer...
      if we called it:

      Topics like:
      - Invoice
      - POIupdates

      Producers like:
      - DealerOrder...

      And Queues like:
      - CreditAnalysis

      or.. whatever we think it may make sense. But having a pre-defined domain that we would use in both the docs and examples.

      I know what we have on JBM 1.4 are great for smart users, and what we started is already nice.

      It would be great if we could speak a language that Messaging/JMS Newbies will understand better. We would have a better chance of bringing them to the Messaging World.

      Like.. they would look at the examples and not only see how to use publish-subscriber, but some examples on where to use it...

      We wouldn't need to make our examples & docs any more complex for this. (of course we could if we wanted).

      I just wanted to throw out the idea and see what you guys think.