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    Clustered example and a few other example things

    Tim Fox Master

      I have taken Howard's simple clustered-queue example and got it to work.

      The example programmatically creates two connection factories one to each node.

      It then creates a consumer on each node and a producer on one node. It sends 10 messages and verifies that the messages are received round robin.

      The example should probably be renamed to ServerLoadBalancing example or something similar.

      I had to make a few changes to the config to get this to work.

      One thing that I found confusing is the usage of two beans files - one for each server. This meant I had to change all the directories journal, bindings, large messages so each server was using a distinct set.

      If we just had a different config directory for each server we wouldn't have to do that.

      Also I found that start() was being called on each component twice during the startup - one time by the MC before it injects and another time inside the MessagingServerImpl start method.

      We need to add the annotation to prevent the MC calling start/stop, Andy told me what this was the other day but I have forgotten. This still needs to be added.

      Other stuff - there is lots of unnecessary cruft in the config files.