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    Java EE examples

    Andy Taylor Master

      Ive added a couple of Java EE examples so heres how to run them.

      firstly you need a jboss AS 5.1 instance running. You'll need to check out Branch5.x and built it from scratch.

      Once you have the AS built build the JBM distro, 'ant distro', and cd into ' build/messaging-2.0.0.BETA1-SNAPSHOT/AS/' and type ant. This will create a jbm2_default profile for you. you can then start the AS instance.

      The examples have an app that is deployed, mdb,ejb or whatever. This can be done by setting the JBOSS_HOME env property and running ant deploy from the examples dir. After that run ant to run the actual client example and the ant undeploy to undeploy the app.

      Ive seen a weird error sometimes with jboss security not picking up the users/roles files from conf/props. I'm guessing this is an AS prob. A clean svn co may fix this.

      This is just a starter template so change it as you see fit.