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    MessagingServer deployment

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      I'm looking at the deployment issues when starting MessagingServer.

      The root problem we have is that the queues created from the bindings loaded by the journal do not use the correct address settings because these settings are set later when the deploymentManager is started (and the address settings deployer is deployed).

      My first solution was to start the deployment manager *before* creating the queues from the bindings.
      Tim objected that it may have side-effects as "things" could be deployed before the server is still starting and not ready to use.
      After a closer look, I don't think it is currently the case. The queues are not deployed when the QueueDeployer is deployed (I really need to change the name). They are deployed afterwards at the proper place.
      Other resources deployed (address settings, security) are not a problem: they can be deployed while the server is starting.

      However, Tim's point is valid: we shouldn't deploy unilaterally while the server is starting.

      I'm drawing the dependencies order between the various component created/deployed by MessagingServer but it might take some time to have it right (we have some cycles betwen the components).

      Since we're short on time for beta, we can fix our current issue by starting the deployment manager sooner.
      But the correct fix is to untangle our dependencies and create/start/deploy things at the proper place in the proper order. This will take more time.