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    AIO Buffer & Executors Optimization Update

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I have the changes done at my workspace already.

      I could get a successful run if using r6654 (before the pool refactoring), and a few failures if using 6653 (same ones as I have seen on hudson).

      After these changes, buffer creation is going to be pretty fast and buffer reuse will be fast.

      I will also be using executors for thread pools. I will be using a single-thread executor for writing (as it is done at the moment, but the executor will be shared among all the files), and another one to reuse threads on pollers.

      I'm not using the thread-pool from MessagingServer because:

      I - The poller thread will be in use as long as the file is opened
      II - It would be really dangerous sharing the executor with MessagingServer. I really need a thread available for polling data on AIO.

      I will commit it tomorrow morning. (I just didn't want to commit now with the testsuite broken as it is now).