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    JBM 2 default configuration, what should it be

    Andy Taylor Master

      I think the default jms configuration should contain 1 default Connection Factory named ConnectionFactory and 2 queues DLQ and ExpiryQueue.

      As far as security goes I think we should have one default user 'guest' who has a 'guest' role. There should be one catch all security setting (#) that applies only the send, consume, createTempQueue and deleteTempQueue to ther guest role only. admin, deleteDurableQueue and createDurableQueue will need to be added by the user. There should be no security match for admin either

      There should be one catch all queue settings that basically applies the defaults.

      Also I'll remove the jbm-queues from the standalone config so its the same as the AS config and I will rename all the beans files to jbm-jboss-beans.xml, this means the user should just be able to copy over the examples config if this is what they want.

      I'll remove any commented out config from all the config files, its messy and we have this covered in the examples now.

      regarding the jbm-configuration.xml file, should we leave all the defaults in or trim them down similar to what we do in the examples config?