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    clustered-standalone example

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      I'm trying to run clustered-standalone example with the aim of automating it.

      I had to tweak run.sh and jbm-configuration.xml to run the 3 cluster nodes without requiring to edit the files.

      In run.sh, I commented the CLUSTER_PROPS export (so that it takes the one I exporting in the shell)
      In jbm-configuration.xml, I added a sys prop data.dir to configure the root data dir:


      With these changes, I can start the 3 servers:

      server #1 (using default values)
      $ ./run.sh ../config/stand-alone/clustered/

      server #2
      $ export CLUSTER_PROPS="-Ddata.dir=../data-server1 -Djnp.port=2099 -Djnp.rmiPort=2098 -Djbm.remoting.netty.port=6445"
      $ ./run.sh ../config/stand-alone/clustered/

      server #2
      $ export CLUSTER_PROPS="-Ddata.dir=../data-server2 -Djnp.port=3099 -Djnp.rmiPort=3098 -Djbm.remoting.netty.port=7445"
      $ ./run.sh ../config/stand-alone/clustered/

      With these changes, the clustered-standalone example works fine.

      I'll add a readme.html to the example to explain how to run the example on a single machine.
      I'll also automate the example so that it is included in the examples run used as smoke tests