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    Special paging state in JBM 1.4

    Yong Hao Gao Master


      This is a question regarding to paging. A user has reported a broken ordering group case where the server crashes with the following status in the JBM_MSG_REF table:

      1 NULL
      2 NULL
      24 NULL
      25 25
      26 26
      84 84
      85 NULL
      86 NULL
      115 NULL

      As you can see if such a table is reloaded back into the queue, the order will be broken. The strange thing is the NULL values of PAGE_ORD field occurrs not only at the leading part of the table, but also in the middle.

      I don't how this case can happen and therefore cannot write a valid test case for that?

      Can you guys (Tim, clebert) help give some advice on that?