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    JBoss tests with new HSQLDB version

    Fred Toussi Newbie

      HSQLDB 1.9 is nearing GA release.

      This version improves in all areas, including transaction isolation, SQL and JDBC support. But most important for JBoss usage:

      * improved reliability with large numbers of large sized row data which caused hsqldb cache purges and ocassional data errors with previous versions in MQ
      * new LOB store which stores data at 10-20 MBytes / sec, (up to several terabytes of lobs and no size limit per lob) with data immediately committed to disk, and no time overhead with the MQ update query that is performed on each message cache store
      * intended to be a drop-in replacement for the old jar

      I would like to get this tested (or test myself) with a load test. Please co-ordinate and suggest the tests to download and run.

      In order to use the LOB store, the table definition in JBoss should change from VARBINARY to BLOB. We may be able to introduce a workaround for this.

      Fred Toussi
      Maintainer, HSQLDB Project

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          Yong Hao Gao Master

          Hi, you can run JBM test suite. check out the latest version of JBM from svn, and take a look at tests/etc/container.xml, set the db to hsqldb.
          The build.xml under tests dir contains various test targets.

          the 'tests' target is the one we use to cover all jbm tests. However you probably need to remove the cluster tests, as JBM clustering can't work with hsqldb.

          And just let you know, JBM 1.4 is in maintenance status. That means only bug fixes or EAP supports. Users can try hornetQ for more new features.