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    rich calendar: make input field invisible (keep popup)


      how can I make the input filed of the rich calendar invisible, but still keep the pop-up function?

      I've tried following styles:


      this will make the input filed invisible, but then I have the problem that the calendar does not pop up where expedted:
      * in Firefox 2.0.9 it will always pop-up at the left top of the page
      * in IE6 the first time it will popup too far on the left - next times it's ok...


      everything's ok in Firefox, but
      IE6 will NOT hide the field

      any ideas that may work in all browsers and keep the calender pop-up at the right place?

      how does the popup determine the location for the pop-up?
      (I've tried to find it out via firebug, but the javascript code is.. well, not clean...

      <rich:calendar id="birthday" value="#{registration.webUser.birthday}" required="true"
       datePattern="d/M/yyyy" enableManualInput="false" jointPoint="bottom-left">