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    ANNOUNCE: BeanShell JBoss sub-deployer in HEAD

    Sacha Labourey Master


      Yesterday I commited a BeanShell (BSH, www.beanshell.org) sub-deployer in HEAD. It is in module varia and you can find its lib in varia/output/lib/bsh-deployer.sar.

      It allows you to hot-deploy *.bsh files in /deploy.

      SIMPLE USAGE: client-only
      In its simple usage, the script will act as a simple client-script making invocations on other objects. Each script can follow the org.jboss.system.Service interface i.e. the create, start, stop and destroy calls. You can implement only a subset of those. Thus, a very simply one-line script can be: Simple.bsh:

      void start() { System.out.println ("I'm called!"); }

      that's it.

      ADVANCED USAGE: server script!
      But it is almost as easy to make your script a JBoss service fully invocable/administrable through JMX! For this, your script can implement any of the methods of the following interface:

      public interface ScriptService
      extends org.jboss.system.Service
      public String objectName ();
      public String[] dependsOn ();
      public Class[] getInterfaces ();

      public void setCtx (ServiceMBeanSupport wrapper);

      You can implement the objectName method to choose your own MBean ObjectName.
      You can implement the dependsOn method to return a set of JMX MBean ObjectName (as string) on which you depends (for service lifecyle).
      You can implement the getInterfaces method to return the set of interfaces that you *say* your script do implement. Your wrapper will analyse these interfaces and fully generate the associated JMX MBeanInfo (the script wrapper is a Dynamic MBean).

      Example, let's say you have this interface:

      public interface MyIntf
      public void doThat();

      public String getRWString ();
      public void setRWString (String val);

      public String getROString ();

      You could then provide this script:

      String name = "bla";

      String objectName () { return "jboss.scripts:service=myService"; }
      Class[] getInterfaces () { return new Class[] {MyIntf.class}; }

      void create () { System.out.println ("Create called on me"); }

      void doThat () { System.out.println ("doThat called"); }

      String getRWString() { return super.name; }
      void setRWString(String bla) { super.name = bla; }

      String getROString() { return "I am read-only!"; }

      Then, not only can you invoke methods and get/set attributes on your script using JMX, you can also browse your scripts using the http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/ and see all available methods/attributes (MBeanInfo is generated by the DynamicMBean script wrapper)

      Infos on BeanShell are available here: www.beanshell.org

      Do you want this feature on 3.2?