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    Deployment of Depend Jar failure

    Roy Jones Newbie

      I previously used 3.2.0RC4_tomcat-4.1.18 and the deployment of my dependent jars within my ear file were being deployed but with the 3.2.0_tomcat-4.1.24 production release my dependent jars are not being deployed.

      My dependent jars are located in the top level of the ear file.

      The EARDeployer doesn't seem to be pickin up the jars any longer.

      Work around was for me to take the dependent jars out of the ear and just place them in the deploy directory.

      Will the EARDeployer automatically deploy jars that are packaged in the Ear?

      Do I half to put an entry in my Ears manifest file?

      Don't know but it does deploy the war and ejb jar correctly.