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    Controlling deployment of EARs

    Michael Ingardia Newbie

      We have built a framework where we can build several applications that use the same code base. We are currently deploying these in JBoss 3.x. We want to control the order in which the EAR's are deployed. We currently package our EAR's as follows:

      1. a base application that deploys various EJB's and a admin user interface

      2. an application that uses the EJB's from 1 above, but has a different UI ie war file and few EJB's of its own

      3. another application that uses the EJB's and some action classes (using struts) from application1, as well as its own action classes and EJB's.

      As you can see the prefered way to deploy (which works when done manually ) is 1, 2, and 3. where 2 and 3 can happen in any order as long as they are after 1.

      Is there a way to define depenecies ACROSS deployment packages. We have tried creating EJB references in the various descriptors but that does not seem to help..