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    NoClassDefFoundError on Deployment of ear

    haytham Newbie

      Okay. I would really appreciate a clear answer to this issue. I have an application with one EJB (SLSB). This SLSB has one business method:
      public void createStudent(Student st) throws....

      All EJB files (Home, remote, bean) are under the package: my.package.ejb.

      I have my datatypes (value objects really) Student, under: my.otherpackage.datatypes.

      I have all this packaged in myEjb.jar in an ear file. When I deploy the ear I get a NoClassDefFoundError telling me it cannot find my/otherpackage/datatypes/Student. The class and package is in the ejb module's jar, myEjb.jar. I have the basic manifest, application.xml, etc files.

      From reading all around the forums here and elsewhere, everyone seems to advise putting the helper classes or other classes in the bean interfaces (value object, etc), in the JBoss classpath. Is there a clean elegant way to deploy these classes with my ear? When JBoss runs, it show that the classpath is set to the following:
      CLASSPATH: ;C:\j2sdk1.4.2\lib\tools.jar;D:\jboss-3.2.2RC2\bin\\run.jar

      I would really appreciate any help/ideas.