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    Configuring a WebApp during deployment

    jm collin Newbie

      Hi there,

      I ansking me what is the best solution to configure a WebApp during its deployment.
      What I want to do is the following :
      - I've a development machine and a production machine,
      - the directories used by my WebApp are differents on both machine
      - So I want to tell my WebApp where are the directories it must use.

      I can't put this in a properties file included in the war
      because I can't modify this properties files.

      A solution is to have a properties not included in the WebApp (so specific to a machine) but how to tell my WebApp to use it ?

      An other solution should be to define parameter of the JVM with -D for example supposing a JVM is started for a war.

      The question can be understand as :
      how to parametrize a WebApp with JBOSS (with WebSphere you can pass -D argument to the JVM for example).

      Thank's in advance.