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    A Bug, or a Feature in DavURLLister?

    Jim Brownfield Newbie

      I'm trying to use netboot, and I was under the impression that with v3.2+, you didn't have to compact all the .war, .ear, and .jar files because of the use of the PROPFIND WebDav feature.

      From what I can tell, though, the PROPFIND is only used for directories WITHOUT a "." in their name.

      From the DavURLLister class in method listMembers(URL,URLFilter,boolean):

      if (scanNonDottedSubDirs && getFilePartFromUrl (httpURL.toURL ()).indexOf (".") == -1)
      URL subUrl = new URL (url) ;
      urls.addAll (listMembers (subUrl, filter, scanNonDottedSubDirs));
      urls.add (new URL (url));

      Is their a reason the "exploded" war, ear, and jar directories can't be copied in this manner as well? Sorry if this is a stupid question.