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    verifier with ant

    Dirk Joosen Newbie

      Hi I want to verify my application like you can do with the verrifier which comes with j2ee developmentkit. With the sun verifier I become several errors. With searching on the web I found that on version 2.4 of jboss there was a verifier.jar and metadata.jar where you can check against with your own jar or ear file.
      I work now with version jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24 and I didn't foudn those jar files.
      Is this solved I a diffrent way, how can I verify mine jar and ear file.
      Best regards Dirk

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          Raj Saini Newbie

          You can still use the verifier from ant. You will need to include some files in the classpath. Below is my classpth id for ant verify tast. You will need all these files in the class path. You will also need standardjboss.xml in ur classpath.

          You may not need all these files. Some of them are used by my application.