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    deployment order within ear file

    sandy_basic Newbie

      hello folks,
      i've a question on deployment order within ear file(or any other archive). I'm using jboss3.2.3 and my ear file structure is like this:

      |_ S1.sar
      |_____|_ J1.jar
      |_____|_ META-INF
      |__________|_ jboss-service.xml
      |_ S2.sar
      |_ W1.war
      |_ META-INF

      I want S1.sar to be deployed after W1.war, so I renamed it as 1_S1.sar and modified /conf/jboss-servoce.xml to use PrefixDeploymentSorter. Looks like, changes in /conf/jboss-service.xml are meant only for contents in root directory (/deploy) of my server, not for the contents of packed ear or any other archives. If I keep 1_S1.sar, S2.sar and W1.war directly in the root of my server, the deployement order is fine (what I expected), but it doesnt work fine if I pack my files in one ear file.
      Any ideas on how to make /conf/jboss-service.xml to work for packed archives too?
      I tried using tag too in my jboss-service.xml for S1.sar, doesn't work. What should be the correct syntaxt for tag of S1.sar to depend on deployment of W1.war? I think, we just need to provide jmx name of W1.war. How do I find jmx name of my W1.war?