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    How can I deploy the -ds.xml before my EJBs when they are in

    neva Newbie

      Hello All,

      I have been searching around for a way to tell jboss which components to deploy first within one .ear file but haven't been successful..
      I tried adding the -ds.xml into one of the jars in the .ear. knowing that all jars use the same datasource.. Sometimes it deploys without any problems but at other times it can't find the datasource bec. it tries to deploy the jars that use the datasource before deploying the jar that has the -ds.xml
      (I am guessing here that it all depends on the order in which they are deployed which is to my surprise not always the same!!)
      if I put the -ds.xml in a separate jar, it is deployed last and so all other jars naturally fail to deploy..
      I need ur help guys...Thanks in advance..