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    New .deployer archive - Deployer/Scanner changes

    Bill Burke Master

      This is in 4.0

      I made some changes to deployment

      * There is a new archive type called .deployer I extended SARDeployer to accept .deployer files as well as .sar and service.xml files.
      * .deployer files are deployed before anything else by the DeploymentSorter.

      * Added MainDeployer XMBean config file so that you can configure the default SuffixOrder.

      * When deploying new files, Scanners will now check to see if MainDeployer.getSuffixOrder array has changed. If it has changed, the scanner resorts its deployment list.

      The above allows you to package Deployers in an archive (.deployer) and put them in the deploy/ directory with no extra configuration. At startup, deployers should modify the MainDeployer.setSuffixOrder to add their specific archive format so that the DeploymentSorter picks it up. For instance, the AOP Deployer inserts "aop" just after the "deployer".

      On a related note. AOP is now packaged as a .deployer file.


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