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    SubDeployerSupport.java  revision 1.25 disallows META-INF

    Jason Greene Master

      I noticed that between 1.24, and 1.25 isDeployable was changed to no longer allow META-INF as a path for sub deployable modules. The original code would only skip jboss-service.xml files in META-INF. Was this behavior change intended?

      The reason I ask is because I was testing an application we are currently developing against the 3.2.x branch against 4, and one of the problems was that I had used META-INF/lib for nested jars. I am sure there are others that have used this convention. I wish the specification was more clear on this, because it seems that there is no "standard" way to handle nested jars.

      What should the correct behaivor of sub-deployments in ejb-jar files?